Power Markers, NASA Web World Wind Plugin

The plugin allows to create clusters, so that you can gruop a big amount of clusters and visualize them easily. But it's much more! You can handle your markers from the plugin itself. The plugin allows to create a marker from the coordinates or reading a file. You can also make some groups, remove markers from the groups and decide which you want to show or to hide.

How to use the plugin:

Initialize the plugin

new MarkerCluster(globe, options)

Available options

maxLevel: maximum number of level to cluster smooth: enable a smooth zooming name: name of the cluster maxCount: maximum number of markers to show clusterSources: an array of four images for the clusters, attributeColor: the attribute color of the markers, radius: radius to clusterize the markers

Create new placemark

var placemark = markerCluster.newPlacemark(coordinates, placemarkAttributes, options)

Add a placemark to the cluster


Generate the clusters


Code Examples

Manual Cluster code From JSON code From GeoJSON code



The Power Marker Plugin has already been integrated into MuViAS This shows how easily it can be integrated in any NASA World Wind project.